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Should I Sell My House

Should I Sell My House Home

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I spent WAY too much time caring about what random people from my past thought of me.  Then I had a major breakthrough.

Tammy:  Just be You. 

Nothing I can do, will change their perception or what they want to believe about who I am so why bother trying to change someone's opinion.

I know the true facts.  I know who I am.  That's all the matters.

My goal will always be to try and be the best person I can be.


I hope you do the same.  I believe people respect you more when they see…

Who you really are.

NOW be proud about it! 



The number one goal is to sell your home as quickly and painlessly as possible.  Correct?

Realize that buying a home is an emotional process for the buyer (and for you, the seller).  The less stress you create, the better chances of selling are for you with a higher price tag.  So not to sound like a broken record but...


Declutter, Organize and Tidy Up


Your clutter stresses people out.  Here are some helpful tips:

  • Tackle one room at a time
  • Have the following bins: Trash, Recycle, Donate
  • Remember less is more. That is the less furniture and items in the room, the larger the room looks.&nbs...

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My best tip for saving time is TIME BLOCKING!

Let's be real.  You're probably reading this while cooking dinner and kids yelling at you to help with homework because you have to multi-task to get it all done!

I feel ya..

Which is why I wanted to share with you my best tip for saving time and getting everything done on the to-do list.

It all starts with the night before.  Look at what's on the calendar for the next day and see what absolutely has to get done tomorrow.  Those items go on the to-do list for Monday (for instance).

What needs to be done in the week?  Maybe certain items can be moved around to another day and combine the errand/running around time.

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Buying a BRAND NEW home may seem daunting when you can get a resale for a couple hundred dollars less a month but let me tell ya, buying a new home can actually SAVE you money in the long run (plus a few other benefits!)

 The word NEW is the key here because everything in a new construction home is brand new.

 This includes a 1 year warranty on everything PLUS a 10 year structural  warranty. This comes in handy when appliances break or the foundation of the home starts to shift. If you don't buy NEW, then you will have to...

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Top 10 Take-Aways from My Favorite Book

  1. Take uncomfortable, imperfect action.  Look forward to failure.  Get embarrassed.  You don't get to another level of life without stepping out and playing big.  GO BIG, or GO HOME! 
  2. Be the woman that you are meant to be. It starts with tiny little shifts every day.
  3. There is a villain and hero that lives within you.
  4. What if the situation that created your story was put in your life on purpose? What if this gave me a skill that I wouldn't have had otherwise.  2020 more friends, ...

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Maintaining Your Home Can Save You a Lot of Money in the Long Run...

Task Frequency
Test smoke detectors Monthly
Mechanical water softener See manual
Drain off sediment from base of hot water tank Monthly
Vacuum under refrigerator and dust condenser Quarterly
Inspect bathtubs and sinks for caulking and leaks; repair as needed Quarterly
Turn mattress, wash mattress covers Quarterly
Clean oven As needed
Check operation of water pump and sump pump, if applicable Quarterly
Defrost manual ref...

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One of the things I advise my clients to do before beginning their home search is to establish their purchasing power by getting pre-approved with a reputable lender.

As a buyer, getting pre-approved for your home purchase—before actually starting your home search—is imperative because it allows you to determine what homes you can actually afford. You may be surprised to find that it is higher than you think! Getting pre-approved is also becoming a standard practice these days and puts you in a much more powerful position as a buyer when you bring an offer to the table; sellers are more likely to take your offer more seriously when it's backed by a pre-approval and they know you are well-qualified to purchase their home.

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