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Date Archives: October 2021

Should I Sell My House Home

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Please, please don't make me tell you the following.  It is so incredibly awkward to do so…

Your House Has a Bad Odor

Here's the deal, you probably don't even realize it because you are used to it.  But a buyer will definitely notice the smell.  Here's some of the causes:

  • While your animals are adorable to you, they may not be so adorable to others…
    • Animals that have urinated on the carpet, which has now penetrated the baseboards and continues to leave a smell.
    • Kitty litter needs to be cleaned
    • Scratches, chewed and scratched baseboards
    • Extra pet toys – remove
    • Some people are allergic to animal hair
  • Your house just smells bad.
    • Trash
    • Garbage disposal
    • Cooking ingredients (bacon, curry)
    • Dirty shoes
    • Laundry
    • Mold/wetness

The HOUSE NEEDS To SMELL CLEAN.  Time for spring cleaning.  Throw away what you can.  Those things need to go into the trash can, need to leave.  This also is good for the decluttering process.  Wipe down walls, baseboards, floor boards, air it out and don't just cover it up with an air freshener.  That is definitely a sign to the buyer that you are covering up a bad smell.

Ugh... I know that's incredibly harsh, but sometimes it's the unpleasant conversation that has to happen in order to sell your home.  Just try to see and smell your home from the buyer's perspective.


Simple Steps in the Staging Process

  • You want buyers to visualize themselves in that space. Kitchen… they are cooking in their kitchen.
  • You want the buyer to be attracted to the beauty and style of the kitchen or space.
  • Space needs to be clean and ready to use.
  • Stagers create a story. Place settings are out on the table for example.
  • Use high end finishes to make a statement.
  • Replace light fixtures
  • Replace kitchen hardware
  • Use space more efficiently by adding built-in storage
  • Add architectural interest – Have a focal point in room
  • Storage!!!

Balance – Sometimes, the "against the wall theory" is not the greatest idea.  Is the room balanced?  Is all the furniture to one side?  Create a balance so that there's a natural walking flow path around the sitting area.

Function - Lighting, use natural and ambient lights.  Living rooms (even formal) should have a coffee table and a place to put down a drink.

Color Neutral with a splash of color.



What You Really Want (And My Feedback)

  • Tell the truth about price. (You may not like what I have to say, but I will tell you the TRUTH!) :)
  • Know your timetable for moving so we can make a plan. (I always have a plan.)
  • Tell your agent your challenges, so they can negotiate effectively. (Every challenge/problem has a solution.)
  • Help with relocation. (Absolutely!)
  • Get your House Sold. (Quickly and As Pain Free As Possible.)
  • Exposure to Prospective Purchasers 94% of home buyers search online for a home. (Can't wait to show you how I create a Marketing Buzz.)
  • There are too many people to negotiate with – FSBO 1) Buyer who wants the best deal, buyer's agent that represents solely the buyer, buyer's attorney, home inspection company (working for buyer) Appraiser if there is a question on value. (Realtors are truly the middlemen between all these parties.)
  • Paperwork is a pain (#truth).
  • Bottom line, while you're trying to save on commission, most agents get more money for your home, then you selling by yourself. (#truthsquared).



We all know that living near a good school increases the value of your home. But who knew a neighboring cemetery can adversely affect your property value? Or that proximity to a hospital isn't a good thing? In fact, we now know—or should know—that nothing is more important when selling your home than your neighborhood. So if you're buying, think ahead; purchase your dream home in the wrong location and you may be buying into a nightmare.

Here are some location no-nos:

  • Realtor.com research has found that living near a cemetery will lower your property value by 12.3%
  • And having a hospital nearby means when you sell you can expect an impact on your sale price of 3.2%.
  • Also note: make sure you move near a "good" school; a "bad" school will reduce your home's value by 22.2%. ·
  • An article in the Journal of Transport Economics and Policy indicates that having an airport nearby can discount the value of your home. The greater the noise level, the greater the negative impact.

Among the amenities to look for in your neighborhood-to-be:

  • Proximity to transit. According to a Transit-Oriented Development in America survey, 55% of Americans would pay more to live near good transit options. The study, conducted by consultant HNTB Corporation, found that 57% of respondents liked not having to depend on cars to "work, live, and play." ·
  • A neighborhood on its way up—not down. In transitional neighborhoods, you get a lot of value for your home-buying buck. Your real estate agent is the best source of information and will also know if there are any planned roads or developments that may impact the neighborhood—positively or negatively.
  • Water, parks, and green spaces. A nearby waterfront can add up to 25% to the value of your home


Check out my newest listing in Cedar Springs School District!

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