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Date Archives: December 2021

Should I Sell My House Home

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Even when times get hard, I always celebrate the positive so I can stay in the right mindset.

 Some of you may know that in the past couple of years, I worked for a financial company as an office manager and marketing director.  I actually stepped away from real estate and enjoyed the time of not having to constantly think about it.  I did this for a few years, until I was no longer challenged.  I wanted to do things my way and the only way to do that is by owning your own company. ;)

Here's what I learned:

1)     That I needed to run my own business.

2)     That I wanted to leave my fingerprint and create something that was all my own.

3)     To take the lessons I learned from another field and look at the broad picture when it comes to life, and in business.

4)     I gained some great friends and allies that helped me find my path.

5)     I became unstuck.

6)     I became ME again!

 I am so excited about this new pathway in life and real estate.  I have some BIG things planned for the future with everything I set up for real estate to help those around me.  If you see something that I forgot, please let me know because it's all about you!

 Thank you for supporting me through this journey :)




 Buying a home is one of life's most important investments and exciting adventures. Whether you are a first-time or experienced buyer, it's important to spend some time preparing yourself before you start your search so you are aware of the potential pitfalls and stumbling blocks that may pop up during your path to homeownership success.[/caption]

Here are some things to keep in mind before and during your search:

  • Do the math and establish your purchasing power. Meet with a lender who will help you determine which type of financing will work best for you and how much you qualify for with each type. Getting pre-approved can put you in a much stronger negotiating position because it shows the seller that you are a committed buyer, financially capable of buying the property and more likely to close on it.
  • Commit to working with a strong buyer's agent like me who will look after your best interests and work with your schedule.
  • Start surfing. One of the most important tools you'll need for your house hunt can be found right in your own home or office—the Internet. Nearly every home on the market is listed somewhere on the Internet because real estate agents know the majority of people turn to the Web first when looking for a new home. You can register for e-mail alerts from my website to have homes sent to you so you can investigate further.
  • Location, location, location. Narrow your search before you start touring every house in town. Decide what neighborhoods work best for you and your family. Check out school districts, shopping and dining, public transportation, recreational areas and crime statistics.
  • List your priorities and prepare to compromise. Make a list of the features you are looking for in a house and rate them on a scale of one to five, with five being a feature you can't live without. Then, bring your list with you as you tour homes to keep score.
  • Would you like French doors with that? Once you've found a home you like, consider the costs of upgrades, repairs or remodels and factor those in to your short or long term budgets. Remember that any upgrades you make, will likely add value to your new home. So it may be worth the extra investment up front if you are planning on selling your home in the foreseeable future.

With this checklist and the right market conditions, you are well on the road to home happiness. For additional information on the opportunities in today's market or for expert representation, contact me today.



 I wish I had known these things at the beginning of starting my real estate journey and want to share it with you:

 Get the people you need who understand what you are going through so they can fill you with POSITIVITY and SUPPORT.

 Any "failure" you have is an opportunity to GROW and LEARN. See it, reflect on it, learn from it, and then move past it.

 Don't dwell on it.

 Protect your ENERGY and MIND when it comes to others who are not growing in their  journey.

 Don't let the negativity of others influence you.

 Keep developing a strong mindset to push past the critics, comments and negative energy.

It takes a lot of energy to run a successful real estate business.

It takes a lot of energy to "do life."  Stay Positive... It is so much better on that side, than the other. 

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