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Date Archives: March 2022

Should I Sell My House Home

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Easy Ways to Increase Your Home Value

  • Repaint your door
  • Paint kitchen cabinets
  • Update kitchen handles
  • Add extra seating areas outside
  • New outlets and light switch plates
  • Front porch – flowers – First impression of the home. Same with landscaping
  • Get rid of popcorn ceiling
  • Add visible storage
  • Stash the majority of your specifically personal items
  • Take care of tiles
  • Swap out lighting
  • Neutral paint colors
  • Paint the inside of your window frames
  • Paint older bathtubs
  • Invest remodel money into the kitchen
  • Call the inspector before you list
  • Find out from Realtor what buyers are looking for and then do those things.
  • Update your laundry space – organization spaces
  • DIY Built in Bookcases
  • Add a Bedroom by installing a closet

If you're buying a home and have gotten the clear to close from your lender, then CONGRATULATIONS! - all of your efforts to purchase your dream home are about to become a reality!

What they don't tell you is that there are a few actions that can bring this process to a complete HALT.

I'm here to let you know what these mistakes are so that you DON'T make them before you reach the closing table!

All of the following items are RED FLAGS for your lender and they could decline the transaction because of one of the items below happening right before buying your home:

  1. Don't purchase items such as a new car, new furniture or new appliances.
  2. Don't open a new line of credit or close an existing line of credit.
  3. Don't quit or switch jobs.
  4. Don't make a late payment on a bill.
  5. Don't ignore questions/requests from your lender and/or broker.
  6. Don't authorize a credit check.
  7. Don't make large deposits into your bank account outside of your normal paycheck amount.
  8. Don't cosign a loan with ANYONE.
  9. Don't change bank accounts.
  10. Don't take out a payday loan.

Wishing you Every Success!


Here's a great quote!

Take uncomfortable, imperfect action.  Look forward to failure.  Get embarrassed.  You don't get to another level of life without stepping out and playing big.  GO BIG, or GO HOME!

 Be disturbed with your own inaction.  Don't settle.  What is your legacy????  You were meant for more!  There is no happiness in complacency.  If you're not climbing, you're sliding.

 "Would you like me to give you a formula for success? It's quite simple, really. Double your rate of failure. You are thinking of failure as the enemy of success. But it isn't at all.

 Make a lot of mistakes and FAIL a lot because that is where you find success! 


Some Helpful Tips to Keep Your Home Looking "Fresh"

Too many people don't have the time or energy to do a full spring cleaning. Thankfully, a quick and simple home refresh will go a long way toward making your home look new without breaking the bank or your back.

In a Houzz article, Laura Gaskill outlines several easy ways to refresh your home for spring. For example, freshen up your entry simply by sweeping and mopping the front porch and adding a new welcome mat.

If you're fortunate enough to have a back entrance or mudroom, it's time to clear out all the remnants of winter. Consider adding extra storage with baskets, racks, or closet organizers to keep your newly tidied mudroom or entrance clutter free. And while you're decluttering, why not tackle clutter catchalls like junk drawers and countertops? You'll be able to find things again, and your space will feel brand new.

Can't remember when you last cleaned your light fixtures? You're not alone; most of us miss this step during regular dusting.

By wiping down neglected lamps and sconces (and those ever-so-dusty light bulbs), you'll lose the grime that's accumulated over many months (years?). Your living space will suddenly feel so much brighter and lighter you may decide to tackle your mirrors and inside windows next.

It needn't cost the earth (or take forever) to change up your décor. New paint is great, but you can achieve a similar result with less work by applying one of today's trendy large-scale adhesive murals to a blank wall. The result: an instant accent space that's easy to switch up when it's time for a change. And don't forget greenery-add plants and flowers to your living space for that instant spring feeling.

As you can see, spring cleaning no longer has to be intimidating. With these simple tweaks, your home will feel like spring before you know it.


History and the unknown fascinate me.  So, it doesn't surprise me that I picked up this book Weird Michigan.  The story behind it is that two gentleman wanted to examine all the states' legends, hauntings… basically the stories behind each state.  Here's a few of the highlights.  I've lived in Michigan most of my life and was fascinated by their findings.

Local Legends

Encounter with a Melon Head 

What exactly is a Melon Head? Well this term came from The Felt Mansion in Saugatuck, a place that has been restored, offers tours to the public and is considered to be haunted by Agnes Felt for whom the house was built (enter at your own risk??)

The story behind this mansion was that the Felt family sold the mansion to a seminary and small insane asylum built on the grounds.  Later it was sold to the State of Michigan and turned into a low-security prison.  Supposedly, the asylum specialized in patients with extra fluid on their brains which caused their head to swell.  Once funding was cut, most of the patients were "set free."  Supposedly, these patients still live around the grounds?  (Article by Kellie Topp-Bedrosian)

Cheating Witch in Seidman Park

Article by Melissa Troast, Grand Rapids – Seidman Park in Ada Township is said to be haunted by a woman who was caught cheating there by her husband.  It is said that a fight broke out and all three ended up dead.  She has been seen by several people when there has been a full moon.

Gun Lake: Devil's Soup Bowl

The Devil's Soup Bowl is part of the Yankee Springs Recreational Area near Gun Lake located off Briggs Road.  The Soup Bowl is a massive pit that is several feet deep, in the middle of the woods and said to be created by glaciers during the Ice Age.

The Michigan Triangle – Like the Bermuda Triangle

I believe everyone has heard of the Bermuda Triangle off the coast of Florida where things have just "disappeared."  Guess, what?  We have a triangle where boats/people have just "disappeared." It happens to be in Lake Michigan and the boundaries are said to be from Ludington to Benton Harbor and then across the lake to Manitowoc, Wisconsin and back to Ludington.  Do some google research on it… it's extremely interesting.

Stonehedge of Nunica

Did you know that Nunica has a "Stonehedge" that resembles Great Britain's StoneHedge?  Yea, me neither.

Famous People Tied to Michigan.  Here's one…

Jimmy Hoffa – Detroit Teamsters Union president most famous for suddenly disappearing on July 30, 1975.  Ironically enough, Jimmy's middle name was Riddle which is a perfect summation of what his death would become.

Several stories surround the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa...

*Hoffa had ties to Tony Jack Giacalone, a reputed moss boss.  Did Hoffa vanish after "taking a ride" from which he never returned?

*Was he buried in New Jersey's Meadowlands stadium.

*Was he put through a trash compactor and dumped into a landfill?

*Is he at the bottom of Lake Michigan, Superior, Huron or Erie?

*Is he part of federal witness protection program and did he ever die these horrible deaths?  Born in 1913, it's hardly likely that he is still living anyway.

City Names Rhyme?

I hope you Advance and Chase Bliss.  That your Hart has Hope in this New Era.  That you Winn in the Frontier of Life.  That the Peck you receive will lead to a successful Climax Union and that you're Farewell to this world leads to Paradise and not to Hell, Michigan.

(Not too bad… if I do say so myself)


This book is super interesting and covers the Weird Phenomenon's of the area including: ancient mysteries, unexplained phenomena, roadside oddities, haunted Michigan and some really bizarre oddities.  Check out the book especially if you want to try a new adventure in Michigan!

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