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A Day In The Life

Should I Sell My House Home

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I spent WAY too much time caring about what random people from my past thought of me.  Then I had a major breakthrough.

Tammy:  Just be You. 

Nothing I can do, will change their perception or what they want to believe about who I am so why bother trying to change someone's opinion.

I know the true facts.  I know who I am.  That's all the matters.

My goal will always be to try and be the best person I can be.


I hope you do the same.  I believe people respect you more when they see…

Who you really are.

NOW be proud about it! 



Even when times get hard, I always celebrate the positive so I can stay in the right mindset.

 Some of you may know that in the past couple of years, I worked for a financial company as an office manager and marketing director.  I actually stepped away from real estate and enjoyed the time of not having to constantly think about it.  I did this for a few years, until I was no longer challenged.  I wanted to do things my way and the only way to do that is by owning your own company. ;)

Here's what I learned:

1)     That I needed to run my own business.

2)     That I wanted to leave my fingerprint and create something that was all my own.

3)     To take the lessons I learned from another field and look at the broad picture when it comes to life, and in business.

4)     I gained some great friends and allies that helped me find my path.

5)     I became unstuck.

6)     I became ME again!

 I am so excited about this new pathway in life and real estate.  I have some BIG things planned for the future with everything I set up for real estate to help those around me.  If you see something that I forgot, please let me know because it's all about you!

 Thank you for supporting me through this journey :)



 I wish I had known these things at the beginning of starting my real estate journey and want to share it with you:

 Get the people you need who understand what you are going through so they can fill you with POSITIVITY and SUPPORT.

 Any "failure" you have is an opportunity to GROW and LEARN. See it, reflect on it, learn from it, and then move past it.

 Don't dwell on it.

 Protect your ENERGY and MIND when it comes to others who are not growing in their  journey.

 Don't let the negativity of others influence you.

 Keep developing a strong mindset to push past the critics, comments and negative energy.

It takes a lot of energy to run a successful real estate business.

It takes a lot of energy to "do life."  Stay Positive... It is so much better on that side, than the other. 



 I had actually never considered being a realtor until I started working as a loan processor for a bank.  I HATED this job, so when someone offered me the chance to try something different, I jumped.

 I found out some of the incredible benefits of it and it matched up perfectly with what I wanted out of my life.

 It was important to me to:

- Work with people and help them make smart moves.

- Provide valuable information.

- Love what I do & feel fulfilled in my work.

- See some really cool homes and figure out what I wanted for my dream home.

  It was in 2002 when I finally decided I was going to go for it and when I started studying to get my license.

 It took me 1 month to get licensed and 3 months after that to sell my first home! It was incredibly exciting & I remember it like it was yesterday!


Please, please don't make me tell you the following.  It is so incredibly awkward to do so…

Your House Has a Bad Odor

Here's the deal, you probably don't even realize it because you are used to it.  But a buyer will definitely notice the smell.  Here's some of the causes:

  • While your animals are adorable to you, they may not be so adorable to others…
    • Animals that have urinated on the carpet, which has now penetrated the baseboards and continues to leave a smell.
    • Kitty litter needs to be cleaned
    • Scratches, chewed and scratched baseboards
    • Extra pet toys – remove
    • Some people are allergic to animal hair
  • Your house just smells bad.
    • Trash
    • Garbage disposal
    • Cooking ingredients (bacon, curry)
    • Dirty shoes
    • Laundry
    • Mold/wetness

The HOUSE NEEDS To SMELL CLEAN.  Time for spring cleaning.  Throw away what you can.  Those things need to go into the trash can, need to leave.  This also is good for the decluttering process.  Wipe down walls, baseboards, floor boards, air it out and don't just cover it up with an air freshener.  That is definitely a sign to the buyer that you are covering up a bad smell.

Ugh... I know that's incredibly harsh, but sometimes it's the unpleasant conversation that has to happen in order to sell your home.  Just try to see and smell your home from the buyer's perspective.


What You Really Want (And My Feedback)

  • Tell the truth about price. (You may not like what I have to say, but I will tell you the TRUTH!) :)
  • Know your timetable for moving so we can make a plan. (I always have a plan.)
  • Tell your agent your challenges, so they can negotiate effectively. (Every challenge/problem has a solution.)
  • Help with relocation. (Absolutely!)
  • Get your House Sold. (Quickly and As Pain Free As Possible.)
  • Exposure to Prospective Purchasers 94% of home buyers search online for a home. (Can't wait to show you how I create a Marketing Buzz.)
  • There are too many people to negotiate with – FSBO 1) Buyer who wants the best deal, buyer's agent that represents solely the buyer, buyer's attorney, home inspection company (working for buyer) Appraiser if there is a question on value. (Realtors are truly the middlemen between all these parties.)
  • Paperwork is a pain (#truth).
  • Bottom line, while you're trying to save on commission, most agents get more money for your home, then you selling by yourself. (#truthsquared).


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