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Some Helpful Tips to Keep Your Home Looking "Fresh"

Too many people don't have the time or energy to do a full spring cleaning. Thankfully, a quick and simple home refresh will go a long way toward making your home look new without breaking the bank or your back.

In a Houzz article, Laura Gaskill outlines several easy ways to refresh your home for spring. For example, freshen up your entry simply by sweeping and mopping the front porch and adding a new welcome mat.

If you're fortunate enough to have a back entrance or mudroom, it's time to clear out all the remnants of winter. Consider adding extra storage with baskets, racks, or closet organizers to keep your newly tidied mudroom or entrance clutter free. And while you're decluttering, why not tackle clutter catchalls like junk drawers and countertops? You'll be able to find things again, and your space will feel brand new.

Can't remember when you last cleaned your light fixtures? You're not alone; most of us miss this step during regular dusting.

By wiping down neglected lamps and sconces (and those ever-so-dusty light bulbs), you'll lose the grime that's accumulated over many months (years?). Your living space will suddenly feel so much brighter and lighter you may decide to tackle your mirrors and inside windows next.

It needn't cost the earth (or take forever) to change up your décor. New paint is great, but you can achieve a similar result with less work by applying one of today's trendy large-scale adhesive murals to a blank wall. The result: an instant accent space that's easy to switch up when it's time for a change. And don't forget greenery-add plants and flowers to your living space for that instant spring feeling.

As you can see, spring cleaning no longer has to be intimidating. With these simple tweaks, your home will feel like spring before you know it.


Maintaining Your Home Can Save You a Lot of Money in the Long Run...

Task Frequency
Test smoke detectors Monthly
Mechanical water softener See manual
Drain off sediment from base of hot water tank Monthly
Vacuum under refrigerator and dust condenser Quarterly
Inspect bathtubs and sinks for caulking and leaks; repair as needed Quarterly
Turn mattress, wash mattress covers Quarterly
Clean oven As needed
Check operation of water pump and sump pump, if applicable Quarterly
Defrost manual refrigerator; or if automatically defrosted, wash off shelves and clean when frost is 1/4" thick
Major cleaning As needed
Review emergency procedures and practice fire drill As needed
Survey carpet and flooring and clean as needed or quarterly Quarterly
Task Frequency
Change furnace filters Monthly during heating season
Humidifier: thoroughly clean water in reservoir Each week
Chimney cleaned for wood stove As needed
Task Frequency
Remove and store windows and doors Annually
Window cleaning spring and fall As needed
Window caulking (especially for air-conditioned rooms) Spring and fall or as needed
Plans for outside care, such as washing or painting siding Annually as needed
Defrost manual freezer annually annually before new preservation seasons begin
Check home canned foods, plan meals to use remaining supply before fresh produce is available Once in March or April
Clean, air, and store winter boots Annually
lean all woolen clothing and store properly to prevent moths Annually
Air winter coverlets and bedding before storage Annually
Task Frequency
Clean air conditioner filter Monthly or as per manual directions
Clean home canned pantry area, arrange items on hand, and prepare space for additions Annually
Check canning supplies and have dial-type gauge on canner tested for accuracy Annually
Task Frequency
Heating system services before system is needed
Chimney cleaned for wood stove See manual
Remove leaves from gutters Once or twice during fall
Clean and store yard tools, discard or store yard chemicals properly As needed
Clean fire extinguisher, refill or replace as needed Annually
Turn off water to outside faucets (this is not necessary on those with extended line) Annually
Sort, clean, pack, and store holiday items Annually



Easy tip to sell your home!

 Make your house smell amazing so people have a great first impression when they walk in. If you want to do this without using lots of chemically made fragrances then I recommend essential oils!

 Using certified pure therapeutic grade (CPTG) essential oils allows for a pleasant aroma to linger throughout the space without irritating the nasal passages.

What types of essential oils you ask?

Lemon, Wild Orange and Peppermint!

If you are wanting to neutralize odors, try Purify.

Just a few drops in a diffuser and you've done the trick!

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